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Rylan Piper - Tech Producer 


Rylan was born in Grand Junction, CO and raised in a Christian family. His personal acceptance of salvation came at the age of nine, the same year he began taking lessons on the piano. Though he recognises that following Yahweh is by far the more paramount, both are events that have impacted him throughout the years. His walk with God is closer now than it has ever been, and his pursuit of music has molded him into a self-producing multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. Rylan has filled a wide variety of career roles, from common jobs such as foodservice and construction to more unique employments including installation of high ropes courses and metal manufacturing, in which he holds a degree from Colorado Mesa University. His recent endeavours are centred largely around growing in his faith, something he feels is absolutely critical at this and every stage of his life.


Aside from music, Rylan's involvement in the arts began in high school with acting - his favourite role was by far Oberon from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. He has since been involved in parkour, stage combat, and musical theatre, with his most recent participation being High Desert Opera's production of The Wizard of Oz. Rylan has been affiliated with High Desert Opera for over five years as both a player and on the stage team, where he learned much about how to run production from behind the scenes. He has further been a tech hand both at his church and at several private events and businesses, providing A/V services, simple installations and consultations, and troubleshooting support. Rylan is thrilled to bring his expanding skills in the production and tech world to Reverent Rhythms, as their mission aligns closely with his passion for worship through music, and he believes every member of the team is in earnest pursuit of Yahweh and cannot wait to see He takes the ministry in the future!

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