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Dylan Saunders

Dylan was born in New Haven, Conneticut, but spent a majority of his life in Colorado. His love for dance started around the age of 9 under his beloved mentor, Theresa Kahl at Absolute Dance here in Grand Junction, CO. He has been in a multitude of performances put on by Absolute such as Alice’s Wonderland, Cinderella, and had many appearances in Nutcracker over the years. He is trained in jazz, ballet and even some ballroom, however his love for hip-hop is unmatched. Over the years he has been dancing he discovered his love for teaching. The love and joy he brings to dance class has touched many hearts and brought many smiles to his students throughout the years. With the support of his wife Rachael and his son John, Dylan hopes to continue his love for dance while also growing closer to God. He and his family are excited for Dylan to start this new journey with Reverent Rhythms!

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