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Jordan Coquoz - Company Dancer

Jordan Headshot_edited.jpg

As long as I can remember my life has been about two things, movement and Jesus. God has been calling me to missions my entire life and has blessed me with movement as a way to connect with others while in the mission field. My movement started in an unconventional way. Unlike my fellow company members I have never before been a dancer. My movement started as parkour (a free expression of yourself by moving through your environment). God gave me my love for movement through parkour and then continued it through cheerleading and acro in high school. Cheerleading took me to the University of Hawaii at Manoa for a year where I trained in forms of partnering from acro yoga to tandem surfing. God called me back to Grand Junction and I was able to step into His calling for movement in my life with Reverent Rhythms. I am thankful that I am able to bring my partnering experience to Reverent Rhythms. I am also thankful that they accepted me and we're willing to teach me the art of dance so I can further my movement as a worship from for God. I am excited to see the impact God has on peoples lives through the ministry of dance.

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