How to Study the Bible for Yourself: Intro

I took a week off of the blog for spring break but now we are back on track with posting every Friday! Before spring break, we finished up the series that we called Spiritual Boot Camp. I really loved going though that and I am very excited for what the Lord is going to do though this new series!

I was praying about what the Lord wanted to do for this season of our lives. Then this season kind of turned crazy! Two weeks ago when I knew we were starting something new after spring break, everyone still had jobs, the grocery store were still stocked and we were still able to leave our houses. Just two weeks later, our world is very different.

I don’t want to fixate on the virus or on the anxiety around everything, but what the Lord has put on my heart is to give us some tangible tools on how to read the Bible and how to really study it for ourselves. God really put thing on my heart because going to church is not as accessible as it usually is, we also have more time on our hands and stress levels are raising in most households. When has there been a better time to dig into the Bible, understand it, and let it transform your life!

Reading the Bible might not be your favorite things or you might love spending hours upon hours in the Word! Wherever you stand, I want to encourage you to start getting in God’s Word. In the upcoming weeks we are going to walk though different way that you can study the Bible and talk about different tips, methods of understanding what you are reading, and how to apply them, but today I’m just going to give you just a few ways to get into the Bible!

#1. Pick a time Everyones schedules are probable a little more relaxed right now, but it doesn’t mean we all have free time. When it comes to reading the Bible, it is easy to say “I’ll get to it”. I know for me, if I do not block out time in my day to read the Bible, it doesn’t happen, even on my days off. For a lot of people, first thing in the morning is a great time to read the Bible. I love that because you are able to give God the first of your day. It is a great way to wake your mind up to and to be able to reflect on what you read for the rest of your day. For others, it’s not easy to wake up any earlier to read the Bible. I am a baker, so my day starts really early. I love Jesus, but I won’t be able to function if I have to wake up any earlier to read my Bible before I go to work. For me, I have to schedule it into my day so when I get off work, I spend time in the Bible. Others read right before they go to bed. Find what works best and plan it into your day!

#2. Pick a place

I love that right now my Bible is small enough to fit into my purse! My favorite thing is to find a coffee shop and sit with my Bible and drink tea for hours! As much as I love this, this was something that I was able to do in college between my classes. Now, not so much. Life is crazy and our minds our just as hectic. If you sit down to try to read the Bible and you have people talking to you, dinner on the stove, your phone is blowing up, the tv on, and 18 things on your to do list, you are not going to be able to focus, let alone, hear God’s still small voice. Pick a place, it could be your dining room table, it could be a specific chair in your front room, your back porch, or a coffee shop, that when you are there, you unplug from the craziness, and plug into the Bible. For me, I like to sit at my kitchen table or on a couch by the fireplace. It’s my place to really listen to what God has for me.

#3. Pick a thing

I guess this seams a little more vague but this is picking a specific thing to look into when it come to reading the Bible. We are going to dig into this idea deeper in the up coming weeks, but I want to briefly touch on it. It is not the best plan to grab your Bible, flip open to a random page, and read a random verse and call it good for the day. You do not have to read the Bible cover to cover right away, but you should find some structure. I like to read though books of the Bible one chapter at a time.

Lastly, if you or your kids do not have a Bible, I would recommend everyone having an actual paper Bible to call their own. If you do not have a Bible and you want one, please email us at We would be happy to help you get one! Another great resource that is out there is the YouVersion Bible app. You can download this on any smartphone. If you have any questions or just want to talk more, please email us or leave a comment below!

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