Love Like Jesus

How do you love like Jesus with a person who is different than you?

In our world right now, I just see a lot of hate. There is a lot of unrest still with COVID, people’s emotions are running hight because of injustice, and you can’t be on Facebook for a minute without seeing something hateful about politics. I think more than fear, isolation, or sickness that is plaguing our world, it is hate. Jesus came and told us to not be like the world and the way He calls us to do that is to love. Not just the people we like or the people in our own circles, but Jesus calls us to love everyone. He says that the most important things to do is love God with all of you and then to love your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:30-31). Jesus also talks about how people will know that we follow Jesus by how we love people around us (John 13:35). Whatever the political or social climate is around us, Jesus is calling us to love others.

We are called to love, but what does that actually look like? Jesus gives us the perfect model to look to when we are to love people that different than us, or hard for us to love. Jesus shows incredible love to the woman at the well. She was an outcast in society and had some deep hurts from the world around her. Jesus didn’t have to come to this well but He told the disciples that He needed to go through Samaria. Jesus needed to meet this woman and this conversation needed to happen. Jesus extended a hand to her by asking her to get him some water. This request completely baffled the woman. It was not accustom for a man to address a woman especially an outcast like her. Jesus didn’t see this woman by her faults or what made her different but instead saw her as a daughter of God who needed to know how loved she was.

Jesus showed us that no matter race, religion, sex, or class we are called to love everyone. In this day and age this can be a hard pill to swallow but if you associate with Jesus, this is how He expects us to live our lives. We are called to show love when people show hate. We are to take care of people who are different than us. We are called to break down walls that divide us as humans and we are to treat everyone around you as close as a brother or sister. You don’t have to agree with everything that everyone does, or condone sin in peoples lives, but we are to believe in one another, pray for the people around you, and to have you arms and hearts open to everyone.

We are going to be diving into a new study with the RR company this week talking about doing what Jesus did. I apologize about not writing more blogs for this last series the company went through. I will be diligent and ready to post every Sunday with what the company is learning about in our weekly Bible study. Thank you for your patience with me in these last few months that I have not posted anything to the blog. I hope that you will keep reading and studying alongside all of us here at RR.

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