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Scholarship Program

Our scholarship application is designed to enable individuals and families in the Grand Valley who do not have the means to pay full tuition for dance classes. This scholarship, upon approval by the director, will enable the individual or family to take dance classes with Reverent Rhythms at a discounted rate, or in some cases at no cost. If you are or know a family that fits these requirements, please contact us about completing the scholarship application process. 

New Generation Scholarship Deadlines for Fall/Spring 2022/2023 Season



Click the button below to apply.


No full ride/work trade scholarships will be approved for new applicants during the second semester (January - May 2022). Scholarship applications for second semester work trade and discounted rates will be accepted December 2021 - February 2022.


Terms and Conditions:

Once your application is submitted on time, it will be reviewed. If your application is not submitted on time it will not be considered for the current semester. Once it is reviewed you will be asked to schedule an interview with Reverent Rhythms Director, Cameron Cunningham. If your application is approved, after your initial interview,  you will be asked to come in for an interview each semester you are on the scholarship program. This will prevent you from having to reapply with each new semester. Dishonesty on applications is not tolerated and will disqualify an applicant from receiving a scholarship.All New Generational Scholarships, including: full ride, worktrade, or discounted rate scholarships are NOT prorated, do NOT include registration or costume fees. Failure to make payments on your approved scholarship tuition rate or failure to attend scheduled interviews, results in the loss of the scholarship. Reverent Rhythms primary means of communication is by email. All communication about scholarships will be through email. 



The New Generation Scholarship program is designed to serve families in financial need in our community, making excellence in the performing arts accessible to everyone.  The purpose of the program is to enable families and individuals to make wise financial decisions for their entire family unit, including extra curricular activities. 

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