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Reverent Rhythms is a 501(c)3 non profit with the state of Colorado. Reverent Rhythms has a professional touring dance company, a school of the arts, community outreach programs and overseas missions. Reverent Rhythms provides professional performing arts in an encouraging and uplifting environment. 


Professional Company

Reverent Rhythms professional dance company is made up of select dancers who rehearse and train throughout the week, dedicating themselves to showcasing excellence in the performing arts for God’s glory. Reverent Rhythms professional dance company performs locally and takes their production on tour!

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School of The Arts

We continue to provide excellence in performing arts education at Reverent Rhythms through our school of the arts through weekly classes in various styles including ballet, jazz, hip hop, musical theater, acrobatics, tap, contemporary, aerial silks and worship dance. Through our school of the arts, we offer a scholarship program that makes it possible for families in need to receive excellence in performing arts education in an encouraging and uplifting environment. These scholarships are made up of full and partial tuition and work-trade scholarships. Reverent Rhythms school of the arts continues to produce two student productions each school year, one in the fall and one in the spring. We are continually blown away by our students and their families. We have witnessed God moving in miraculous ways through performing arts classes and our student productions. Our students at Reverent Rhythms school of the arts are flourishing, not only in their dance technique and performance, but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We are truly seeing the impact of coming alongside families to encourage, support,  and foster relationships through the performing arts. 


Community Outreach and Programming

Reverent Rhythms continues to serve our community in Grand Junction and surrounding areas through the performing arts and various community programming. These programs include afterschool programs with Clifton Elementry and Rocky Mountain Elementry, seated dance classes with Hilltop at the Commons, dance classes with the Juvenile Correctional Facility, Partners, the Fruita community center, and more. These programs are at the center of our mission to provide excellence in performing arts education to marginalized demographics in order to demonstrate the love of Christ. 

Overseas Missions

Reverent Rhythms is partnering with Father to the Fatherless Ministries to serve the people of Uganda through the performing arts. Our vision/mission is to create a long-term and sustainable performing arts program in Uganda Africa that makes excellence in performing arts education and performance accessible to the street kids, orphans, and widows of Uganda. Reverent Rhythms also partners with various non profits around the world that serve victims of human trafficking and other marginalized demographics through dance programing. 

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