John Vandervelde 

President of Board of Directors

John headshot.jpg

Lisa Riebel

Secretary of Board of Directors

Cameron Cunningham

Executive and Artistic Director

Ileen White 

Member of Board of Directors

Abigayle Nuñez

Company Dancer and Instructor

Administrative Assistant

Abbey Headshot_edited.jpg

Kia Marez

Company Dancer and Instructor

Rehearsal Assistant

Kia Headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Jordan Coquoz

Company Dancer

Jordan Headshot_edited.jpg

Molly Shively 

Substitute Studio Instructor

Molly Headshot_edited.jpg

Bill Riebel

Memember of Board of Directors

Bill headshots.jpg

Rylan Piper

Tech Producer and Stage Manager

Jaime Bourget

Company Dancer and Instructor

Jaime Headshot_edited.jpg

Sarah Jamir

Yomassage Instructor