The Company

Reverent Rhythms is the home of the Grand Valley's own professional performance company. Reverent Rhythms provides a platform for, and equips professional performers to use their talents for God’s glory to further His kingdom through performances, workshops, classes and other events. Our goal is to enable performers to worship God through the art form of modern dance and share God’s love, as expressed in the gospel of Jesus Christ and excellence in performing arts with local, regional and international communities, including the secular arts community. Reverent Rhythms is made up of two parts, the first part being the professional company and the second being the school of the arts. Reverent Rhythms company currently performs in Colorado during the fall and spring months and takes their productions on tour during the summer months to various places within the United States.



Reverent Rhythms exists to create a space where people from all backgrounds, demographics, and affiliations may come to receive excellence in performing arts education, witness excellence in performing arts performance, and experience the radical love of Christ in an encouraging and uplifting community.

Statement of Faith:

Reverent Rhythms believes wholeheartedly in the infallibility and authority of the Word of God. We believe that God loves everyone and that we are called to demonstrate His love indiscriminately  to everyone. We believe in the Holy Trinity, God the Father, Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit, and that He is the one and only true God. We believe God is the creator and sustainer of the universe and and human life and His purpose is to have a personal, saving relationship with every person. We believe that all are sinners, separated from fellowship with God, in need of salvation. We believe that salvation and eternal life is found only and exclusively in and through Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus is the Son of God, died on the cross for our sins, and rose again to conquer death. We believe that the Son of God will return to earth and that until that day comes we should strive to know God more, abide by the Holy Spirit, love and serve others like Jesus did and to speak our faith boldly, to the end that  those who do not yet believe in the Son of God might be saved.

Thank you to all who support us and we pray and hope you come to know God even deeper.


Reverent Rhythms strives to create an environment where people of all beliefs, backgrounds and religions feel welcomed and loved. Where they can witness excellence in performing arts and receive excellence in arts education.