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Do not despise these small beginnings... 


Reverent Rhythms was founded in 2018 by Cameron Cunningham. Cameron was only 18 when she made the move to Grand Junction from Ashland Wisconsin to pursue her degree in dance at Colorado Mesa University. Although Cameron did not know a single soul in Grand Junction, God quickly revealed the deeply rooted community He had waiting for her there. This community consisted of a prayer team that began praying for a Christian professional performing arts company to be based out of Grand Junction, Colorado. This prayer group started praying specifically for this the year Cameron moved out to Grand Junction. After a whirlwind of life events and changing majors several times... God made it clear that Cameron was to set out on an adventure of a lifetime, Reverent Rhythms. While Cameron was still in school, God slowly brought individuals into Cameron's life who would soon come alongside her in founding, building, and running Reverent Rhythms. Cameron had her own idea of what she thought Reverent Rhythms was to look like although it didn't have the name yet. Not much time passed before God completely revamped the entire business plan and structure of what she thought it was going to be. God had much bigger plans for Cameron, the team, and the ministry. He downloaded the vision of Reverent Rhythms to Cameron and she delivered it to her incredible board of directors who had jumped on the board without hesitation when they heard what God was doing. God revealed the vision that Reverent Rhythms would be a nonprofit, a professional company, and a school of the arts. That Reverent Rhythms would one day travel all over the globe proclaiming the Gospel through performances and classes. Although we are not traveling the globe yet, Reverent Rhythm is an incredible example of God taking someone who was not qualified to do extraordinary things and taking a ministry that started in a friends kitchen (because Cameron didn't even have a kitchen of her own) and making it a staple of the performing arts in the Grand Valley. Amidst obstacles you wouldn't imagine, God has used Reverent Rhythms to introduce people to Jesus through performances and classes! He has put it on our director's heart to serve the least of these (Matthew 25:40) through our New Generational Scholarship and to take the Gospel of Jesus to the nations (Mark 16:15) through our professional company, all while worshipping the Lord with Reverence and Awe (Hebrew 12:28-29).

...for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin


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