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“Amazing outlet for our girls. It is an opportunity for them to learn to use their bodies as a worship form to the Lord. Their confidence has been boosted. Everything has been beyond our expectations and such a blessing” - DS


“This is the first studio I have felt comfortable in” - Tiara Cagle 


“We love it here because of the staff’s care for our son” - Karen Hackley 


“Positive message, I never have to be worried about inappropriate messages, dress codes or values” - Misty Elliot

“I love it because they have adult classes, scholarships, it is centered around God.. ect!” - Michelle Tompkins

“No complaints, tap class is the highlight of my week!” Jaime van Dyke


“Beyond 10/10… we absolutely love it. We love that it is Christ-centered because my child says that she feels like she is dancing for Jesus. It feels like home even down to the other parents in the lobby” Alicia Martinez 


"My daughter always feels welcome and enjoys going to class.” Cindy Gusler 


 “We are thrilled with everything” - Shastin Bird


“We have had nothing but good experiences” - Cassie Shellabarger.

‘This has opened doors for the girls while fulling deep-rooted desires of their hearts. This has been a very healing experience for them. Emotionally physically and spiritually. D's gifts have been harnessed to be used for the Lord. This has been a gentle process of rehabilitation for her. She has been able to work through and accommodate physical disabilities and limitations.” - DS


“Helped bring me closer to God and adds value to my life” - Tiara Cagle


“Very helpful and positive. We are happier and feel cared for and encouraged at Reverent Rhythms.” - Karen Hackley 


“With 4 kids and being a single provider the scholarship program is the only way that my kids could take dance classes”. - Misty Elliot


‘Very positive always loved dance and this provides the opportunity to learn and grow” - Rachael Saunders

“Very positive, the overall atmosphere is just very encouraging and I have not heard any of my children express feelings of being incompetent or not good enough. Absolutely love how it is christ-centered and always points my children back to truth.” - Heather Jansky 


“I have been able to approach dance class with more appreciation and have the freedom from any financial burden” - Jaime van Dyke

“ I love taking my daughter to dance class it has not become a chore. She has always wanted to dance and the scholarship has made that possible! It has helped me as a single mom of many kids to give my kids more opportunities.”  - Alicia Martinez 

“Worship flags have now become an activity at home where we can pray together and learn more about God through movement.’ - Shastin Bird

“Amazing! It has been a blessing to be received with open arms. Because of our situation, we do not feel welcome in many places but we have been welcomed here. B has never had anything to call her own and now she does. Bella feels free to be herself and express herself. All of her school projects are now dance-related” - DS

“Sweet, caring, loving, encouraging, supportive both in dance and my personal life” - Michelle Tompkins

“Kind, welcoming, patience, intentional and prepared” - Jaime van Dyke

“Amazing, even with the substitute teachers. The other parents and students are very encouraging and supportive.”  Alicia Martinez

“This is something that I can see her doing long term! You can feel the faith and you can see it done in a loving and inviting way that reaches others.” -  Alicia Martinez

“This has been a great constant in the midst of chaos for my family, almost like good therapy.” Julie Baker

“ I love the joy of Jesus that comes through. The team makes everyone feel welcome and not rejected in any way. They offer amazing role models for my kids.” - Heather Jansky

“This is a house of grace” - DS


“We love family night each month” - Misty Elliot

“I believe RR gives children the chance to feel included and see good in themselves when other things always seem to go wrong like school.” - Cindy Gusler

“This program allows families who could not afford the opportunity to expose their children to a new form of worship, life skills, and the performing arts!” - Julie Baker

“This program is special. Reverent Rhythms makes classes available to everyone, making a way so that families do not feel limited.” - Heather Jansky

“This program helps provide education in the arts to those who would not otherwise be able to afford it.”  - Tiara Cagle

"She now loves praying at home. She stays calm in the midst of a storm, is more peaceful, open, and kind. We have started to pick up the bible again at home.” - Alicia Martinez

“Having other students check in with me each week during class is inspirational” -  Jaime Van Dyke

“Reverent Rhythm is a tight-knit family who loves the Lord. I have received a lot of prayer and support!” Michelle Tompkins

“The kids' faith is supported by the staff. This is the first extracurricular activity that they have supported in their faith? - Misty Elliot

“Reverent Rhythms has been a direct answer to prayer. We have been incredibly moved and blessed by prayer with staff members, and all the support and encouragement we have received from your team. The girls talk about how they pray in worship class and now pray with each other at home through worship dance.” - DS

“Reverent Rhythms provided a supportive constant in my life while I  was struggling with some health issues.. It helped me gain the confidence to go back to school” Jenna Moreno


“I believe it has helped her self-esteem and self-worth.” Cindy Gusler


“Reverent Rhythms has provided an open door for Jenna to see others worship through dance. It has provided an outlet for me to pray with her.” - Shastin Bird

I have improved my technical dance skills and knowledge of dance and vocabulary. Classes have also helped my improve my social skills, communication and helped me break out of my shell”  - Tiara Cagle 


“Patrick is much happier after starting classes here.” - Karen Hackley 


“They are able to learn dance while making connections with others that are safe and healthy, emotional  and spiritual growth ” - Misty Elliot


“My technique has improved in a major way as well as my confidence.” - Rachael Saunders


“My dance technique and knowledge have improved as well as my overall move!” Michelle Tompkins


“Reverent Rhythms has provided a space for Eli to have an atmosphere where she doesn’t feel the need to be perfect, for Karena to have an outlet to express her creativity, for Yohanna to have the opportunity to be free and take a dance class and for shalom to experience dance for the first time.” - Heather Jansky 


“It has been a huge blessing to be able to dance while having the freedom to grow in other areas, such as finances” Jaime van Dyke


“Our goal of putting our kids in dance has been made possible. There are lots of options for each of my kids to fit with each of their unique personalities. Each of my kids are happier after dance class!” Julie Baker


“She has become more confident, graceful, secure, humble, and gentle. She has improved in her dance technique as well as her understanding of terminology.’She feels that she has found her place to fit in where she is completely comfortable and accepted. She looks forward to it each week!.”  Alicia Martinez

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