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Our vision/mission is to create a long term and sustainable performing arts program in Uganda Africa that makes excellence in performing arts education and performance accessible to the street kids, orphans and widows of Uganda.


- Reverent Rhythms and Father to the Fatherless Uganda Dance Program -

What are we doing and how are we doing it?

  • Continuing to cultivate the partnership between Reverent Rhythms and Father to the Fatherless.

  • Build support from our communities.

  • Continue to build relationships with the people in Uganda through annual visits to the F2F  campus to teach dance classes, camps and intensives.

  • Work with the Uganda people to create a platform for our work to be long term and sustainable.

  • Bring (through an application process) performing artists from all over the world to teach classes, camps and intensives.

  • Providing a platform for traveling artists to learn African dance during their time in Africa.

  • Train people up in Uganda to continue the work that is introduced.

Learn More About Our Minsistries

Learn more about Reverent Rhythms here.

Learn more about Father to the Fatherless here. 

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