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Minimum Requirements:
  • Must be 18 years by June 1st 2023 or older to audition for our professional company.
  • Must have advanced dance training in either Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Contemporary or Lyrical. 
  • Must be lead to both a professional dance career as well as full time ministry. 
Audition Requirements:
(Email the following to
  • Headshot
  • Dance resume
  • References: Personal, professional and spiritual
  • Video audition including: See details below!
  • If you are local to Colorado you can email us to schedule a time to come take class with our company to start the audition process instead of sending a video audition. 
  • $15 audition fee (through the donation link at the top of the page). 
Video Audition: 

Please include the following in your video audition. Please demonstrate everything on both sides and in your most prominent trained style.


  • Working through plié/grand plié in first and second position.

  • Working through Tendus, dégagé, battements, attitude front and back, attitude swings. 

  • Fondues, developed and extensions, en coix. 

  • 1st arabesque into a penché and return to arabesque on both sides.

  • Any Pirouette combination in center. 

  • Chaines and piqué turns across the floor.

  • Combination demonstrating jumping, and leaping ability traveling across the floor. 

  • Any combination demonstration contract and release and articulation of the spine.

  • Any combination demonstrating the ability to move in and out of the floor.

  • Any combination demonstrating an inversion of your choice.

  • If a performance reel is not included please include a video of you performing choreography. 

  • If you regularly do partnering work please include video of partner work of your choice: weight sharing, lifts ect. If you do not normally work with partnering there is no need to include a partnering video. 

  • Demonstrate any additional skills, tricks or acrobatics that you would like to showcase. 


Send all information to with the subject "trainee program audition". Although Reverent Rhythms is a modern/jzz dance company we contract dancers from all different backgrounds of training. 

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